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Pelin Yazar is a Turkish-Canadian painter and art instructor residing and working in her hometown of Istanbul. Her artistic journey commenced at the University of Marmara, where she earned a combined degree in Studio Painting and Art Education. Subsequently, she furthered her knowledge by pursuing a Master's degree in Fine Arts at the Istanbul Technical University.

Since completing her university studies, Pelin has dedicated herself to both painting and art education in Turkey and North America. While living in Chicago and Montreal, she developed a distinctive abstract visual language, showcased in numerous collective and solo exhibitions that brought her recognition and attracted attention from the public and art collectors.

In recent years, she has expanded her visual repertoire by incorporating figurative elements into her abstract compositions. These elements, marked by their emotionally charged complexity, range from subtly rendered human figures to a series of personal, icon-like symbols that reflect the profound influence of her nomadic lifestyle.

In addition to her work as a painter, Pelin passionately shares her knowledge through art courses for both adults and children at her studio in Istanbul. Her classes are a testament to her commitment to nurturing artistic talent at various levels.

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