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Teaching Experience

Pelin Yazar began her teaching career with children in Turkey and then went to North America as an art teacher at the Chicago Children’s Museum and the Chicago Contemporary Art Museum. She later turned to the field of art therapy when she participated in therapy projects in nursing homes and in schools in addition to her lectures at Old Town Shcool in Chicago. She implemented different and unique programs for her students as their ages ranged from 5 to 95. After returning to her hometown, she continued her art therapy career across the country in an art platform called Terapi Yaşam Sanat with clinical psychologist Işık Yazar. In addition, she still participates in children's workshops in different countries around the world. In her teaching programs, she creates a space where students can freely express themselves, like an artist, rather than imposing the ideas of others on them. In her own words: "I really enjoy working with children. The main reason is that they are pure and uncluttered, so they can express themselves without boundaries, unlike adults who worry about being liked. I spend many hours alone in my studio and during this time the children inspire my work." She also adds that training in art at a young age teaches you to be a person who is able to see in a broader perspective and protect yourself from social norms. Her current workshops and projects can be followed from the website of 

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